About 'Other Items Of Interest'

What is Other Items Of Interest? It's a podcast.

Well, then, Other Items Of Interest is a weekly humorous news podcast covering offbeat news, news of the weird, and strange stories. That term "humorous" is used very loosely. We're making no concrete claims there will be any laughter. And while it's mostly dumb criminals (or dumb cops) and outrageous human and/or animal interactions, we'll have the occasional UFO or bigfoot story to report on, as well.

There's a little something nutty for everyone. Humans do weird things sometimes and sometimes someone reports on it. These are often the stories that go unnoticed and slip through the cracks. We try to find those stories. We turn them into a podcast.

Other Items Of Interest consists of a small band of misfits working lazily, haphazardly, and unprofessionally to bring you a show each week. Hosted by Jack Zablocki (most unprofessional), Other Items Of Interest is available weekly on Wednesdays for download or streaming on this very blog or check your local listings. The podcast can be found on many platforms. If it's not on your preferred listening site or app (which we highly doubt), check this link for a list of sites.