Monday, April 13, 2020

The End

Hello and goodbye from Other Items Of Interest. It's been fun, but it's over. Thank you all for listening. The show served its purpose as a form of therapy and a creative outlet, but now both are unneeded. The show can't carry on because there's no drive to do so. I don't need this form of distraction any longer. While I don't like goodbyes, I have to remember this is a good thing because I'm moving on and the necessity isn't there for the show.

I started the show as a form of therapy and as a distraction from depression and anxiety. Our last episode was all about psychedelic therapy. Long story short, I ate 5 grams of psychedelic mushrooms, working with a therapist before and after, and I'm good. Depression and anxiety gone. Therefore my reason for doing the show is gone. I have no desire to speak into a microphone. I have no need to be heard by strangers. I don't care about podcasts anymore. I don't want to talk about wacky news or anything else, really. I would like to move onto other things. Goodbye. Thank you all for visiting and listening. I really do appreciate it more than I can express.

The archives will be left up, the youtube channel will be left up, twitter will be left up.

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