Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Episode 191016 & Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Other Items Of Interest, a podcast about not much. This week, we look at bingo cheaters, parking lot meats, bored security guards, and some UFO fun. Also, Jesus shoes.

Here's a second paragraph. I don't particularly feel like writing anymore, but a second paragraph does look nice. I find the second paragraph puts some space between the podcast player above and the show notes below. Now that I've stated absolutely nothing, let us move on.

host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
production, Jim Harrod

Show Notes:
Extinction Rebellion protester glues himself to British Airways plane

NJ Women Charged After Church Bingo Cheating Allegation - NBC New York

Man allegedly threatened farmers who denied him livestock love | Canoe

Complaints pile up about parking lot meat

'Bored' Waukesha security guard calls police after handcuffing himself on purpose

Seattle Man Arrested After Devouring $200 In Office Chocolate | Seattle, WA Patch

Obsessed fan finds Japanese idol's home by zooming in on her eyes, Asia, Digital News - AsiaOne

Watch: City combating dog poop problem with flags reading 'Is this your turd? - UPI.com

Brewery boss shuts down brand new pub after hearing customer swearing | The Independent

"Jesus Shoe": $3,000 Sneakers Filled With Holy Water Sell Out In Minutes

China Wanted to Send Tortoises to the Far Side of the Moon

A RoboCop, a park and a fight: How expectations about robots are clashing with reality

US Navy pilot says mystery ‘dark mass’ emerged from ocean and swallowed torpedo - Daily Star

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