Monday, September 9, 2019

Lame-O Promo

Lame-O Promo, Latin for lame promotion. Here we feebly attempt to entice you to our upcoming episode, Other Items Of Interest episode 190911, due Wednesday. 

In our attempt, we will ask you questions pertaining to the episode, yet hopefully  piquing your interest enough to listen to the podcast in question. Ready? Are you set? Let us commence:  


- What is the Loch Ness Monster? (Please be precise.)

- Would you resort to cannibalism if it meant sustainability for the planet?

- How old is too old to birth twins?

- Raccoons, friend or foe?

- If the cops "steal" your weed, is it best to:
a) Demand it back b) Curse them out c) Cite laws by pulling them out of your ass or d) All of the above

- Would you comb your hair with moon gel?

- True or False, "Laughing Death" would make a great band name.

- How many rounds from a .45 caliber handgun does it take to take down a grey alien?

Well, that seems fine and dandy for now; 8 simple questions to tickle your fancy. There are no right or wrong answers, use and trust your feelings. When you're done, slip your testing paper into the box, there. Remember, these questions are meant for show purposes only and have no bearing on real life.

Thank you,
OiOi Staff  

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