Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Episode 190925 & Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Other Items Of Interest where bowling balls are currency and modern technology is an act of the devil. This week you get to listen to Jack develop a cold throughout the episode. This week's episode brought to you by the words "mediocre" and "unprofessional" and probably some swears.

The first half of this week's show is an awards show of sorts as we cover Guinness World Record breakers of late. From food records to sandcastles to goat yoga, they're all a little strange. After the awards, we revisit the Sourtoe Cocktail, we learn friends bury friends, we blow up a house, and we peak into the world of the Amish Paradise.

host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
production, Jim Harrod

Show Notes:
Watch: World's largest artichoke salad assembled in Peru -

Look: Japanese festival cooks up world's largest serving of fried chicken -

Record-breaking 2,663-pound schnitzel cooked up at German festival -

Watch: 2,344 drink cans opened simultaneously for Guinness record -

Look: Group builds 2,044 sandcastles to break Guinness record -

Watch: Free diver breaks underwater walking record at 267 feet, 8.6 inches -

Watch: Indiana students' paper mache sculpture surpasses Guinness record -

Watch: Michigan company's 690-pound lint ball sets Guinness record -

Farm takes aim at goat yoga world record with 500 expected in class -

Watch: Waterslide down Chinese mountain declared world's longest -

Man to drink Yukon Hotel's 'Sourtoe' cocktail with his own toe

School puts desk of student with special needs in bathroom

Florida grandmother outraged after 6-year-old arrested for ‘tantrum’ | WFLA

Pennsylvania man blows up own house on daughter’s wedding day, killing himself - Mazech Media

83-year-old Maine woman says friend ‘begged’ to be buried in backyard |

Sheriff: Woman bites camel to escape attack in enclosure at Louisiana truck stop

HUGE BLOW: Firefighters dodge ‘projectiles’ after massive semen explosion at bull insemination plant | Canoe

Pair of underwear belonging to Eva Braun sell at auction for more than $4,600 | Fox News

Trumbull Co. sheriff’s deputies pull over Amish buggy with stereo system |

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