Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Episode 190918 & Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Other Items Of Interest, a podcast that doubles as a wet-nap. How are you doing this week? Fine, we do hope. This week is a awash with people doing silly things. Humans are odd creatures, to say the least.

For this episode we'll have a clown, a grandma taking the law into her own hands (in a way), and a lawmaker trying to snuff out farting on airplanes. Also, we'll have a Russian Orthodox Priest, let's see what he blesses this time around.

host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
production, Jim Harrod

Show Notes:

‘World’s oldest parents’ both in intensive care after delivering twins

French company liable after employee dies during sex on business trip - BBC News

Worker at New Zealand company brings clown to firing meeting -

Joe the Clown gives his side of the redundancy meeting support role that's reached world headlines - NZ Herald

Woman Takes Part In Search For Herself - The Reykjavik Grapevine

Polson woman uses hair dryer disguised as speed gun to slow speeding cars

Man spends £30,000 fighting £100 speeding fine - BBC News

Man who tried to fight grizzly bear in Banff National Park fined $4,000 -

Teenager’s memory resets every two hours after being kicked in the head, meaning she wakes up thinking every day is 11 June | The Independent

Nairobi lawmaker wants to put an end to farting on airplanes - New York Daily News

Spirit in the sky: Russian orthodox priests throw holy water from a plane | Daily Mail Online

Skin-crawling discovery: 'body farm' scientists find corpses move

Ig Nobel Prizes honors the strangest, most unusual, and downright hilarious scientific research - CNN

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