Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Not today, tomorrow

Hello and welcome to no new episode of Other Items Of Interest. No new episode for this Wednesday, but there will be something new for Thursday. Will it be a good episode? Wellllll...... Not exactly, no, I am sorry to say. It's not quite a trainwreck, but you'd be better off checking out an older episode. What a salesman I'd make! Let's just say, when you start your podcast with a story about astroturf, things don't look so good.

If you're interested in the why and how of what all went down, allow me to enlighten you. This is really boring, but I've got fuck all to do right now. 

We use libsyn hosting for our show. We get a certain  amount of space each month to host the show. Usually, we have 4 Wednesdays in a month to post a show without having to worry about going over our allotted space. 

Production made a mistake on the first 2 episodes making larger than normal files and eating up our allotted space. In July, there were 5 Wednesdays instead of 4. By the time we got to the fifth Wednesday (today), we were clean out of space. Fortunately, tomorrow, August 1st, is the start of a new month and we have our full allotment back to be filled up. Riveting, fascinating, I know.  

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