Thursday, June 13, 2019

episode 190613

Hello and welcome to another episode of Other Items Of Interest. We are a day later than usual, but circumstances were out of our hands. The pod explains it all. This week we learn about trans-able-ism, also we have an anti-reptilian cult and the murder within, plus why you don't overdo it with the bubble tea.

host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
production, Jim Herrod

Show Notes:
Man catches intruder trying to microwave butter in his kitchen | WSET

120 whoopie pies are missing after fairground booth break-in

Victim gets revenge on milk thief by peeing into bottle and leaving it on doorstep | Metro News

Another alligator found in Pittsburgh, 3rd in a month -

School district planning to fire principal after teacher gives ‘most annoying’ trophy to student with autism | CBS 4 - Indianapolis News, Weather, Traffic and Sports | WTTV

Doctors remove a tooth that was growing inside a 13-year-old boy's testicle in Russia | Daily Mail Online

Bubble tea: More than 100 tapioca balls become lodged in girl’s stomach

2 convicted for tossing horse lubricant and glitter on cops

It looked like a domestic murder. Then police learned about the cult. |

Bank robber strikes in Israel, threatening tellers with avocado he claimed was grenade | Fox News

People Are Becoming Disabled By Choice And Labeling Themselves 'Transabled'

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