Wednesday, June 5, 2019

episode 190605

Hello and welcome to a brand spanking new Other Items Of Interest. It's shiny. It has that new podcast smell. This week we cover leeches, parasites, and more. Sprinkled in is some general idiocy. You know how the show goes.

host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
production, Jim Herrod

Show Notes:
Driver who 'swerved to avoid an octopus' was actually high

Man strips naked, smears self with oil in bizarre Pennsylvania school burglary

Catholic school principal arrested at strip club while on field trip |

Roommate wanted Florida man to flush toilet, so he spat on her, deputies say

Man bitten by rabid bat hiding between iPad and case -

Air Force: Obscene contrails above Phoenix unintentional

Luke Air Force Base: Pilots didn't mean to draw phallic symbol in sky

Special education teacher gives student with autism award for 'most annoying'

Man caught smuggling nearly 5,000 leeches in luggage | CBC News

Hawaii warns tourists of parasitic worm that can burrow into human brains | Ars Technica

Woman's 'brain tumor' turns out to be parasite growing in her head | WCYB

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