Monday, May 13, 2019

episode 190513

Hello and welcome to an early edition of Other Items Of Interest. Usually we release the podcast on Wednesdays, but we got all our chores done early. On this week's episode, all sorts of weirdness: Peeosks, and nullos, and fun to say names, and a clown story!

There may be a second podcast this week depending on the news. If there's a plethora of fun news to cover, there'll be a podcast. If pickings are slim, this may be it for the week.

Other Items Of Interest episode 190513 (mp3, 27:23)
host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
production, Mike

Show Notes:
Boston Police Officer Fired After Strippers Allegedly Stole His Gun - NBC10 Boston

Child Finds $40,000 in Meth Stuffed Inside Lego Box From South Carolina Consignment Shop | KTLA

Local man drinks only beer for 46 days, loses 44 pounds | WKRC

Portable urinals installed in downtown Victoria, not everyone is a fan of the "peeosk"

Anderson County teacher accused of threatening student | Lexington Herald Leader

College student electrocuted to death while roof jumping in Waxahachie - Story | KDFW

Homeowner faces $30K in fines, foreclosure after not mowing lawn

Local Inventor Homemade Gadget Accidentally Disrupt Entire Neighborhood's Garage Doors and Key Fobs : DESIGN : Science Times

PLEASURE STEALER: South Dakota man stole sex toys from couple’s house: Police | Canoe

Authorities: Woman pulls gator from pants during stop

Watch: Patient's ear pain caused by spider building a nest -

Clown Giving Kids Candy From Car Meant Well, Police Tell a Relieved Town - The New York Times

IT worker, 23, chops off his penis, testicles in eunuch bid | Toronto Sun

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