Wednesday, May 1, 2019

episode 190501

Welcome to another episode of Other Items Of Interest. Thank you for joining us once again within the world of weird news. This is a journey of sight and sound, and twists and turns. Everything you experience will challenge your very being. Questions will arise and answers will be scarce. Confusion becomes currency and bewilderment is the flavor of the week, every week. Thank you for visiting.

Now that that's out of the way... This week's show brings us possums living in closets, ex-boyfriends hiding in closets, ex-boyfriends hiding in holes, and much more. We also look at what it takes to get into a prestigious Chinese Education Camp. 

host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
production, Jay Feldman

Show Notes:

$450K Worth of Colonoscopes Stolen From Philly Hospital - NBC 6 South Florida

Idaho turns potato into $200 per night AirBnb: report -

Maureen Walsh receives about 1,700 decks of cards after saying nurses 'play cards' at work - CNNPolitics

Beluga whale with Russian harness stokes fears - ABC News

Mom shocked to find daughters weren't lying about ‘creature' in the closet - Story | WFLD

PD: Mom punched 7-year-old son because he was bad lookout for shoplifting granny | Arizona News |

Teacher writes 'absolutely pathetic' on 2nd grader's test, petition calls for her firing | KMPH

Three children sustain minor injuries after strong winds lift bouncy house |

Wisconsin church distributes marijuana as sacrament

Wyoming man shoplifted at store, applied for job in same visit police say | KJZZ

Mexican man traps himself in hole dug to spy on ex | KUTV

Man, 31, accused of living in ex-girlfriend's attic for weeks before attacking her | US News | Sky News

Dirty bird: Lusty peacock is on the loose (and on the prowl) in Loudoun Co. | WTOP

Having a beard and owning a compass seen as 'extremist tendencies' in China - NZ Herald

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