Friday, April 12, 2019

episode 190412

Welcome to another episode of Other Items Of Interest, where we delve into the nuttery that is civilization. This week's recording was a tough one, the reason being Jack having a sore throat and acting like a petulant child because of it. It did get recorded, though.

This week we have tales of idiocy and the usual buffoonery, but we have a couple of nice stories, as well, for once. We also have stories that will make you question the aptitude of the human race. All in all, good fun.

Other Items Of Interest episode 190412 (mp3, 25:17)
host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
production, A Crew of Thousands

Show Notes:

Affidavit: 2 Arkansas men don bullet-resistant vest, shoot each other

Daycare has license suspended after four 1-year-old children escape, found walking near highway - New York Daily News

The Weather Network - Sorry, Manitoba: We really do love you

Cadbury, Heinz team up to create creme egg-flavored mayonnaise – WSVN 7News

'I cut people' says Relentless Church pastor Hope Carpenter as she threatens local S.C. newspaper - The Washington Post

Peppa Pig film: Horror trailers shown to kids at cinema - BBC News

Portland Taco Bell manager sentenced to anger management for choking pregnant employee | News |

Police: Naked murder suspect captured waving gun inside South Nashville Waffle House

Bad idea: Pouring gas on wet ballfield, setting it on fire

Detroit police officer shows up intoxicated to MSP breathalyzer training

Thieves return statue, leave flowers and a card

Alessandra Mussolini hits out at Jim Carrey over Twitter hanging sketch | World News | Sky News

Look: Record-setting pizza has 154 varieties of cheese -

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