Sunday, March 10, 2019

Lil' Snag (not a rapper)

Hit some technical difficulties. 'Tis no greater than a snag. Therefore the first Other Items of Interest might be delayed. Really, though, it's a test show. No biggie, no tupac.

After Test Show #1, there will be a Test Show #2. Maybe, hopefully, we'll start to get into the swing of things. 

I wish I had thought of something more to post. 

This is rather lackluster. If there were ever a time for luster to be lacked, now would be it. 

UPDATE: How's this? A short demo pod? One with uneven audio and crudely made? Sounds up your alley? I'll see what I can throw together. Don't get your hopes up. Fair word of warning. 

And with some luck, we'll have a regular test podcast over the weekend that should run 30 minutes hopefully. The demo pod, mentioned earlier, is only 7 1/2 minutes long, but is also only 3 news stories. We'll see. We will see.

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