Wednesday, March 20, 2019

episode 190320

Yet another episode of Other Items Of Interest for your listening pleasure. Yeah, sure, it's another test episode, but it's got jokes and odd news per usual. 

This week's episode runs about 40 minutes, compared to the last test episode of about 20 minutes, and before that, the first demo of about 7 and a half minutes. But what's quantity without quality, you ask, and very rightly so. I try my best to get somewhat interesting articles, whether you like them or not is just up to chance.

This week we do have actual show-notes below, links to the articles for all the stories covered . There is also a link concerning our discussion of Al Capone from one of this episode's stories. 

host, Jack Zablocki
music, Honed Flesh Jet
Writing, Recording, Editing, and Producing by our Ever-Revolving Crew at OiOi

UFOs in Michigan

US Psychic Industry

Bad with Pets
Parents' Graves

Goat Escapee, Scapegoat

Million $ Pigeon

Slow das Train Down

The Last Blockbuster

Unicorn with a Crowbar

Very Battery

Busted Al Capone Statue
*bonus material, the last known photo of Al Capone with an interesting article

Hitler's Leadership Qualities Praised by Gym Teacher

53yr Late Book Returned to Library

Swiss Cheese & the Music It Listens To

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